Reference Library

Small Computing on Solar

If you’re wanting to power a computer off-grid we highly recommend you read through the Small Computing on Solar (SCOS) handbook by Brian Chapaitis. It is up to date and  geared towards minimum sized systems for running your computer in a remote off-grid village setting. It’s available online here:

Solar Electricity for the Village

This somewhat dated SIL publication from the 1990’s (pdf format) is full of practical on-the-field tips and information you’ll need when designing and installing your own small solar power system. Although it doesn’t talk about our currently recommended AGM or Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries nor LED lighting, most of the information it contains is still relevant and useful.

Solar Electricity for the Village


Global Solar Atlas

This website run by the World Bank provides color coded maps of yearly solar energy available in any location. If you choose the “photovoltaic electricity output” map and your location is green or blue, you may need more solar panels than our normal recommendations.